Monday, March 29, 2010

they just don't make stamps like they used to.

not that i have time for a new hobby, but i am simply in love with these vintages botanical stamps. they are so beautiful, have botanical names, and some even have messages like " plant for a more beautiful america." i got these from Verde Studio on etsy.

Wednesday, March 17, 2010

fibers & dyes

look at these gorgeous colors from nature! they were made by students of Sasha Duerr Fossel's Soil to Studio Class, Garden volunteer Cynthia Dakopolos and yours truly. I am so inspired by the depth and range of each one. The photos don't do justice, so please come visit the fiber & dye exhibit at the UC Botanical Garden.

back to basics

I started this blog to explore the wonderful/essential relationship we have with plants in our daily lives. And I have been a very bad blogger. So here's my public decree of commitment to keeping up this blog! There's surely no lack of beautiful things to post!