Wednesday, June 1, 2011

kew gardens - the mecca.

magical dusk in the rock garden
a good reminder of the plant parts from one of the oldest flowering plants, magnolia

inside the glass house
One of the beautiful Japanese maples

the oldest potted cycad in the world.

the tree walk - i had to come down when i realized i was afraid of heights! but it was beautiful!

the lightening around 6pm

i made sure we spent a day in kew gardens. it was a brillant masterpiece of landscaping, plant collections and a shrine to the early days of horticulture and botany, exploration and ethnobotany. here are some of my favorite shots - we took a break at the cafe for some afternoon tea and then headed back out for some of the most exquisite light.


Meredith said...

so beautiful- I am jealous jealous jealous!

Erin said...

Deepa, You're on the road again:)

Never have been to Kew Gardens but I have heard they are amazing.

So fun to hear from you on Yummy Supper and such a treat that we have both shared the joy of Pip's cooking.

Wishing you well,