Tuesday, February 28, 2012

terrarium/tillandsia crazy

well after that horticultural commission from my sister i sort of went on a binge of making some tillandsia containers and a carnivorous plant terrarium. G thinks that the trend of air plants in pots, in glass jars, mounted to the walls, etc... is to the horticultural world as molecular gastronomy is to cuisine. i don't agree - enjoy! 

 the original, made for delivery. 

globe #1

globe #2

globe #3

a spray of tillandsia along my shelf - i love that you can still see the roots/base through the vase. 

carnivorous plant terrarium!! the plants include: Pinguicula, Nepenthes, and Drosera 

message in a bottle 


Erin said...

Deepa, What a fun commission! I love tillandsia.
So nice to hear from you...It is amazing we haven't run into each other yet! Hopefully soon...

Nachi said...

Hey where do you get these plants?

Arna Jade said...

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