Monday, January 16, 2012

happy new year in plants

so i know that each new year i resolve to write more blog posts, but i really think that this year is going to be the one! so far, 2012 has been great full of great projects and good times with close friends and family. i took a walk through the botanical garden last week and got some fresh inspiration for design & garden. the garden is always abundant with color, texture, good smells and astonishing plants. please enjoy the pics and i hope to connect with more of you in the new year. 

stunning spines in the arid house

 120 degree angles: nature's beautiful example of efficiency

the view of the bay from the top of the mediterranean area through shirley watts' installation 

flowering grasses

blooming fuschias in the meso american collection 

cocoa pods in the tropical house. fruits taste like jolly ranchers
 (i tasted them in trinidad  not in the botanical garden! ) 

flowering quince from the chinese traditional medicinal garden

banksia from the australasia collection  

rhododendron arboretum in full bloom 

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