Saturday, February 18, 2012

i love a horticultural commission!

when  i got a call from my sister asking me to put together and deliver  a terrarium for a close friend i was so thrilled. it is so exciting to go on a mission, find just the right container, pick out stunning and delicate tilandsias and assemble it all.  i couldn't resist tagging on a  delicate and colorful floral bouquet for some extra cheer.  enjoy! 

bouquet of leucodendron, leucospermum, mum & echinops, decorative lichen and bark globes in a recycled glass vase

terrarium of clear blue stones, moss and lichen and several varieties of tilandsias

at your doorstep. 

if you like what you see and would like to send a plantspeople telegram, let me know.

design: plantspeople ( coming soon!)
tilandsias:  flowerland nursery
eco-friendly flowers: gorgeous and green
stones: the gardener


Hungry in Halifax said...

It brought so much cheer!

OLIVIA said...

WANT WANT WANT WANT!!! I am so excited about this venture!