Wednesday, July 18, 2012

This Week's To-do list: Bay Area for dye/textile/plant people!

Here's the first of what I think will become a series of "To-do" list posts. I'm getting ready to head out on an epic train journey across the country with G from Emeryville to Chicago on the California Zephyr. Stay tuned for  train posts!  I'm looking forward to the slow pace, the beautiful scenery and the people.

But - I must say that I am missing some wonderful events while I'm gone. For those of you who are in town, check these out!!

Friday July 20 - 

Saturday July 21 -
Join in on this great event that will gather stories and photos of you and your clothes. What makes them  special, useful, easy to weare & care for. Kate Fletcher the mastermind behind this project is an innovator and consultant for sustainable fashion in the UK-  it's a special treat to have her in the Bay Area.

Sunday July 22 - 
Last weekend was the launch of the Natural Discourse installation at the Garden and it was amazing. There are many different artists from various disciplines who have put together exhibits throughout the garden. Don't miss the  Mary Ann Friel's Water Pavilion.  As a companian to Jane Flint's Publishing Outside the Book series of poem's I wrote an interpretive walk of papermaking plants found in the Garden. You can view the guide here and take it with you.  While you're there take a peak at the Plants for Dyes bed in the Herb Garden.

Inside one of the installations SOL HOUSE

Tuesday July 24 - Friday July 27 
This is a MUST for the natural dyer who would like to learn how to turn your beautiful dyes into mediums for silk screening. Helena is an amazing artist and I got to accompany her on a foray to select some urban street side plants to use for dye in this workshop.

And finally

Sunday August 5 -
I'll be teaching a 4 hour introductory workshop on natural dyes as a partnership with the institute of Urban Homesteading. Please come! 

Coreopsis tinctoria blooming in my garden

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