Saturday, November 17, 2012

web site (soft launch!)

Hi Friends!

Don't know who is reading out there, but I wanted to announce my website:

It's still a bit in progress. It was created lovingly in our home office: designed and authored and photographed by me and built by my wonderful G, but it's live and tells you a bit more about what I do. The aim for plantspeople is to educate the public on the many wonderful uses of plants. This is manifested through workshops (permaculture, natural dye, ethnobotany, cooking, etc..), through gardening focusing on dye, edible, medicinal and native plants, and through integrative design applied to textiles, flora, art, tamilian culture and more! It's all new and growing and very exciting.

Please don't hesitate to get in touch with any dye, plant, garden or culinary questions! Or about anything else. Thank you all for staying in touch and I hope you'll continue reading!

Gratefully yours,
Deepa Preeti Natarajan


Jeannie said...

Hello Deepa!

My name's Jeannie and I've taken two of your workshops sprinkled within the last 3 years or so :) they were lovely and definitely launched me into the natural dye world, as well as opened my eyes about the terrible effects of chemical dyes. Just wanted to say HI and that your new website is great!


plants people said...

Thanks so much Jeannie!

I so appreciate you saying hi. It is wonderful to have you in my workshops and i hope to see you again soon.

Keep in touch,