Monday, February 20, 2017

10 Plants for Color is here!!

I am so happy to announce, after a long hiatus, that we did it! I am thrilled to have partnered with Helen Krayenhoff, an incredible nurserywoman, watercolorist and textile artists to publish "10 Plants for Color: A Simple Guide to Growing and Using Dye Plants." 

Just in time for indoor seed starting and spring planting, we are thrilled to announce the release of 10 Plants for Color: a Simple Guide to Growing and Using Natural Dye Plants.  This is a great choice for the gardener who has never tried dyeing and the dyer who has never tried gardening and all those in between. Full of information for natural dyeing and gardening, this book describes each plant with cultural and historic info, how to start plants from seed, and much more — complemented by Helen's beautiful illustrations. There are dye recipes for each plant and helpful hints gained from years of our collective gardening and dyeing experience.

Join us at an upcoming event in Berkeley: 

March 12  |

April 1 |



elena said...


Do you ever do plant dye workshops with children? I teach at a nature science summer camp in Fruitvale and would love to teach kids about natural plant dyes.

Thank you,

Arna Jade said...

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