Friday, January 7, 2011

coconut water and palm fruits

one of the things i enjoy most about being in india is definitely the fruits. the top photo is of palm fruits - called "nongu" in tamil. it's squishy inside is like a lychee.

below is an all time favorite - although i have to confess that when i was younger i had a serious aversion to it, it is "eleneer" or tender coconut water. this has to be the most refreshing, rehydrating beverage. and the beauty of being in india is that one can have one every day. when finished with the water you can crack the whole thing open to eat the yummy "meat" inside.


DIAN said...

The thought of the coconut makes my mouth water. I love the milky water.

Meredith said...

that fruit looks delicious! And the coconut... coconut water is my new obsession!