Sunday, January 30, 2011

turmeric/manjal dye

probably the easiest of all the dyes is turmeric. especially in india, where it is so abundant. turmeric is one of the few dyes that you can prepare in a cold bath - no energy is needed to heat the dye stuff. we simply put 100 grams of turmeric powder in this bucket of cold water. used rubber bands to create resist patterns and then dropped our cloth inside. we left our fabric overnight, just to soak in the color. no mordant used on this cotton, which was actually an old veshti!


OLIVIA said...

One time my mom had a temporary tooth cap put on her front tooth, and we went out for Indian food, and her tooth turned BRIGHT yellow. I will always remember the potent power of turmeric from this fateful event. (She got the real cap, like, a day later, and everything was fine, and glossy-white.)

Linda said...

That is such a lovely color! Your last post inspired me to dye some wool yarn with turmeric (I didn't have curry leaves). I'm loving this blog! You do a beautiful job on every post.